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Elastic available in this category:-

 - Flat Woven.     - Underpant Elastic 
 - Flat Knitted.    - Button Hole Elastic.
 - Boil Proof Corded Elastic    - Waspie Elastic
 - Round Elastic    - Knitting In Elastic.
 - Shirring Elastic.    - Non Roll Elastic.
 - Plush Back Elastic    - Bra Strap Elastic.
     - Clear Elastic.

Suitable for a variety of projects including Tailoring, Dressmaking, Alterations, Crafting, Hair decorations.

I've searched for the very best products and you can buy lengths as short as 1 meter and up to whole rolls.  I'm always happy to quote for larger quantities so please send me a message if you're project requires significant quantities.