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Pre Order Trimmings

In this category, you will find a portfolio of non stock items available to you on pre order basis.  This means, i do not hold them in stock and you should expect a delay in delivery.  If you need a speedy delivery faster than the quoted delivery window, do not buy from this section.  All other products outside this category are held and sent to you from my stock.

The portfolio of products in this category are hard to find in the UK and generally not held in stock by my UK suppliers. Or, they are available from my UK supplier but are somewhat cheaper if you are prepared to wait for delivery.

Typically, delivery will take between 3-5 weeks but this is a guide only and you may receive your item sooner or later than the quoted delivery window.

Most of the products are sourced from contacts I have built up in the decade i have been selling on line and tend to be available from the far east.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.