10 x 22" (56cm) Closed End Nylon Zips


  • £3.99

  • Closed End Nylon Dress Zips
  • This listing is for 10 zips in the colour of your choice
  • Tape is about 1" (25mm) wide
  • The tape also extends about 3/4" at the top and bottom.
  • The size indicates the length of the zip chain
  • The zip chain is 3mm wide
  • These zips are autolock which means that the zip puller will not slide up and down when flat against the zip chain (ie closed)
  • The zip puller is metal with the TR logo
  • The TR branding stands for Trebla and Trebla is ALBERT backwards which is the name of the man that owns the Trebla brand
  • The pictures in the listing are an accurate reflection of the true colours.
  • Buy with confidence, always in stock

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