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At ZipMart, you will find most zip types including the following;_
Cushion zips, Dress Zips, Craft Zips.  Open End Plastic Zips, Closed End Plastic Zips.  Metal Open End Zips, Metal Trouser/Skirt Zips. Two Way Open Ended Zips.  Reversible or Flip Over Open Ended Zips.  I've got Invisible or Concealed Zips.  Brass Opened Ended Zips.  Jean Zips, Pocket Zips and Sports Zips.  I've even got some continuous zip on a roll and I've got chunky plastic size 10mm on a roll too.  The brands are Trebla, YKK, Optilon and KSB.
I try to keep good stocks to satisfy the most demanding orders and I try to increase the colour range frequently. Keep coming back, add me to your favourites and like my Facebook page because i'm building the range all the time.