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Round Elastic

What is Round Elastic?

A round corded braid type elastic commonly used in hat making by milliners, beading projects used by jewellers or crafters and in an industrial setting where a strong resistance is required.  Generally, a length of round elastic will stretch to twice its length.  So, a 2 inch length will stretch to about 4 inches.

What is it made of?

Round Elastic has a central core of rubber and the thickness is determinised by multiple cords of rubber to give it its width.  It is covered by a nylon woven weave.

Types of Round Elastic?

Round elastic is also known as Cord Elastic, Hat Elastic or Bungee Elastic.  Round elastic is usually available in several sizes, colours and strengths.  A zigzag stitch is mostly used with round elastic to secure it in place.

What is it used for?

Mostly threaded through a loop and sewn in place using a zigzag stitch.  Its also used in beading projects to feed though the holes in beads.