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Although pins are the smallest of your sewing tools, they have important jobs to do, like holding a pattern in place while you cut the fabric out or securing a seam as you machine-stitch it.  They come in a wide range of styles, lengths and thicknesses, each designed for a different job.  Beginners only really need household and dressmakers pins but invest in more types as you progress.

At Thread and Trimmings, we have a wide range of pins suitable for all disciplines from beginner to professional through to the dry cleaner repair and alteration service.

We have Twist and cover pins for upholstery.  Dressmaker and speciality pins including Bridal and lace pins, Quilting pins and T-pins.  We have plastic and glass head pins and that hard to find provision pin which is usually used for displaying a price or offer in a green grocers or craft fair stall.

We have pins in varying thicknesses from extra fine through to thick pins which are very, very strong and almost like a small nail.

If we dont have what you are looking for, contact us and we might be able to source it.