4mm Unbleached Piping Cord - 1 kilo Rolls - 150m - Macrame & Soft Furnishings


  • £6.99

  • 4mm Unbleached Piping Cord
  • 1 kilo Rolls
  • Approximately 150m per roll
  • Great for Macrame
  • Great for Soft Furnishings
  • There maybe the odd join in each roll.
Note from Martin 2/4/19.
This cord was a acquired as a clearance parcel from a haberdashery wholesalers who recently closed down.  Once its gone, it is gone!
The cord is excellent quality but there are some factors which need to be taken into account whilst you consider your purchase.
1.0 There is no central spine to the roll, it is secured by cord holding the roll together which means it is liable to tangle when released.
We got round this by inserting a stick (like a knitting needle or similar) down the centre to prevent it from tangling.
2.0 Its an organic product and some rolls may be slightly wider and others slightly narrower but by and large, most are at 4mm.
3.0 There are joins and whilst they are minimal, its possible some rolls may have more than a few.
4.0 Some rolls weigh more than 1 kilo with most weighing in at 1034 grams (basically more cord for your money).
Essentially, your purchase represents great value for money as I sell regular 4mm cord at £18.99 for a 1 kilo roll.
Please be aware that you may be set a challenge with this purchase.

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