Bikini Clasps - Small, Medium & Large Invisible Plastic


  • £0.99

  • Bikini Clasp / Fastener
  • Clear Plastic (Invisible)
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Small (10mm)  (The space inside the D Ring measures 10mm)
  • Medium (13mm) (The space inside the D Ring measures 13mm)
  • Large (20mm)  (The space inside the D Ring measures 20mm)
  • Repair that bikini strap before your go on holiday
  • Or put one in your travel sewing kit before you go on holiday.
Fitting Instructions
  • Take 2 pieces
  • Hold with one slot facing up and one slot facing down
  • Slide each slot over each other as far as they can go
  • Squeeze each side until they clip together
  • You will not break them so don't be worried that you will because you won't.
  • Similar force is required to un-clip them

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