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Iron On Cotton Mending Repair Tape - Measured & Cut From Factory Fresh Roll 35mm


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NB:- The Denim Option is for Actual Denim Fabric


Recommended that you test first on a small piece of your material.

The tape is washable

1.0 - Cut loose threads from the edge and turn garment inside out

2.0 - Bring edges together and press

3.0 - Cut repair Tape to required length and round off corners

4.0 - Place Tape shiny side down over tear.

5.0 - Cover the clothe

6.0 - Set iron at cotton

7.0 - Press firmly over tape for 15-20 seconds

8.0 - Allow to cool and check edges are well bonded.


I've been selling this product on ebay for over 10 years and from time to time, I receive messages from some buyers who experience difficulty trying to complete the fix.

I've endeavored to understand these difficulties and the following are my findings:-

1) Do not try and use this product to repair a high touch area.  For example, between legs on a pair of jeans or where ones elbows lean on a table.  The repair will not last.  Do not bother buying the product for this type of fix.  Consider a denim, corduroy, leather or suede patch.  They can be found in my shop but i would still recommend sewing the patch in place after it has been ironed on.

2) Do not try and iron across a seam.  It will not adhere to the clothe.

3) Do not try and repair a seam. It wont last

4) If the damaged area looks like it needs to be professionally repaired, then it probably does and I would not recommend this tape for your purposes

5) If you just cant get the tape to bond after following steps 1 through 8 above, then repeat the process but do not iron across the tape in a back and forth motion like you would with a fresh item from the laundry.  Just place the iron over the area and hold it down for about 15 seconds.  It's the heat that activates the glue and not back and forth friction.

All tape is measured and cut from a factory fresh roll and inspected for the backing glue before it is dispatched.  

Finally, if the tape just doesn't work after all this then its possible you have a faulty length and I'm happy to consider a refund.

kind regards


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